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Below is a collection of cocktails featured on the site. Some are my own creation, while others are well, others’. Credit always given where due!

Drinks I’ve Tweeted

Are you on Twitter? If so, you may have seen some of the drinks I’ve posted @inuakena. Blog posts and articles take time, but tweets are quick and easy, so there are quite a few of these. Every so often, I collect the photos and recipes from my Twitter feed and add them to the “drinks I’ve Tweeted” page. There you’ll find classic cocktails, tiki drinks and a lot of my own experimental drinks.

Boo Loo in a Pineapple

A big and bold rummy concoction from Beachbum Berry served in a most memorable fashion

French 75

A classic champagne cocktail with gin, lemon and a touch or sweetness.

Friday the 13th

A special rum cocktail created to celebrate the most special Miller family holiday.

Goombay Smash

In this article I try a bunch of different recipes to find the the best Goombay Smash.

La Merced

Named for an Italian village in the Peruvian countryside, this pisco-driven Negroni variation is a stunner.

Rum Old Fashioned

A rummy twist on the Old Fashioned cocktail.


Another great tiki drink recipe unearthed by Beachbum Berry. This 1955 drink is from the Four Winds restaurant in Seattle.

Wiki Wiki Warmer

This hot cider libation is my answer to Autumn on the San Francisco Bay. It’s easy to make, and the ingredients are readily available–especially if you’re into tiki drinks.

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