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Plugging Into the Rum World

AKA How to Become a Rum Nerd


So you’ve decided you like rum, you’ve read my Rum 101 article, rum reviews and distillery visits, and now you want to learn more. Well fortunately for you, the rum world is vast, and its inhabitants are pretty awesome, but it can be hard to ferret out all the good stuff online and in-person without a few hints from a fellow rum nerd. It’s my hope that this list will flatten your learning curve and get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Now let’s get you to the next level!

Choose an on-page link below or simply scroll through all the resources.


Rum Books

If you enjoy reading my stuff, then you’ll probably like these three rum books.

And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails by Wayne Curtis

Using ten rum cocktails as the basis for a history lesson on the past four hundred years is a pretty amazing idea, and Wayne pulls it off masterfully. An incredibly interesting and well-written page-turner.

Rum by Dave Broom

Dave is more known for his whisky knowledge, but he’s pretty hip on rum, too. This book is a more straightforward education on rum and its various styles (complete with tasting notes) but it’s a great coffee table book, and is worth adding to the library.

The Distiller’s Guide to Rum (multiple authors)

If you want to learn about how rum is made at a very granular level, then this is the book for you. This book is written for those who are looking to get into the business, but it’s equally interesting for serious rum nerds who want to understand the biology and chemistry of rum production.

Rum Periodicals

There are two rum magazines currently in production, one is in English, and one in French:

Got Rum?

A good source for rum news, reviews, recipes and history lessons. You can download a free pdf version each month from their Web site.


Rumporter is a French rum magazine that’s full of great information that’s laid out beautifully. Unfortunately, it’s in PDF form, so you can’t directly use online translation tools to convert it to other languages. If you can read French, you’ll love it.

Rum Sites, Blogs & Reviews

Don’t take my words for gospel; go out and read some other opinions on rum. The Web has several from which to choose, and I’m proud to count many of these folks as friends.

Barrel-Aged Mind (German/English)

Cocktail Wonk

Coeur de Chauffe (French)

Du Rhum (French)

The Fat Rum Pirate

The Floating Rum Shack

The Lone Caner

A Mountain of Crushed Ice

Rum Collective

Rum Connection

Rum Corner

Rum Diaries

Rum Dood

Rum Examiner

Rum Gallery

Rum Howler

Rum Journey

Rum Lab

Rum Ratings

Rum Reviews

Rumbustious Times

Rummy Yummy

Rum Industry Sites

Authentic Caribbean Rum

American Distilling Institute Rum Forum


Rum Forums

Ministry of Rum

Reddit /Rum

Facebook Rum Groups

La Confrerie du Rhum (French)

The Global Rum Club

Ministry of Rum


Useful Facebook Pages for Rum News

The Floating Rum Shack

Inu A Kena (duh)

In-Person Rum Training

Get out from behind the computer and learn!

Authentic Caribbean Rum Training
ACR’s program is free. Look for a city near you!

Rum University
Serious rum study from the folks behind Got Rum? Magazine, primarily for folks looking to enter the rum biz.

Rum Festivals

Perhaps the best place to learn about rum is at a rum festival. You can taste a wide variety of products and hang out with some of the most fun spirits lovers on planet Earth.



Caribbean (roving)






Puerto Rico


San Francisco


Where to Buy Rum Online

Alchemy Bottle Shop

Astor Wines & Spirits

Hi-Time Wine ($10 overnight shipping within CA!)


Master of Malt (great source for EU-only rums)


Booze-Specific Search Engines

Sometimes Google doesn’t cut it when it comes to rum searches. I’ve found some great online sources via these sites.

1000 Corks

Wine Searcher


Where to Buy Rum in the San Francisco Bay Area

Custom Google Map:


Where to Drink Rum & Tiki Drinks in the San Francisco Bay Area

You don’t have to amass a high rum collection at home. Nearly every rum bar has a program that will enable you to drink your way through their collection, and there’s always a prize for finishing the list. Here are some spots with good rum selections in and around San Francisco:

Bar Agricole

Forbidden Island


Smuggler’s Cove

Tonga Room

Trader Vic’s


Where to Find Tiki Bars Worldwide

There’s no better way to find tiki bars (and usually rum) than Humuhumu’s very own:


Well, there you have it. You’re on your way to becoming a true rum nerd! Please tell me what I’ve missed in the comments.


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  1. Robert permalink
    February 10, 2016 7:25 pm

    I’m surprised by no mention of ! They have the most active rum forums I know of. Also the sugar list is very helpful.

  2. February 10, 2016 11:06 pm


    Thanks for including us on this list of rum resources. We’re trying hard to be the best place to find where to buy any particular bottle of rum. If there’s every anyway we can improve, please let us know.

    Sam at 1000 Corks.

  3. September 4, 2016 12:16 pm

    As a minor update to the linked map of rum shops in the Bay Area — which is very nice, by the way — Beltramo’s in Menlo Park closed in July 2016 (after 134 years!).


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