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Rum Review: Mount Gay 1703

Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection Rum Review

Once in a while, a rum really grabs me. Not because it’s supposed to, not because it’s from the right brand, but just because it’s so damned good. Such is the case with Mt. Gay’s 1703 Old Cask Selection. Blended from rums ranging in age from ten to thirty years, the contents of this bottle represent some of the best rums in Barbados, assembled expertly at 43% ABV by Mount Gay’s Master Blender Allen Smith.

The bottle is simple, but substantial. The bottom of the rounded off rectangular vessel shows a thick, clear glass base. Just above is is the phrase “Perfected By Tradition”, which appears in raised glass; above that is a small gold foil label. The stopper is a hefty gold anodized aluminum fitted with a natural cork. It’s nicely machined and adorned with the Mount Gay crest. Around the bottle neck rests a tie and tie tack of sorts, again bearing the crest. The whole presentation is quite stately. But enough about the bottle, let’s see what’s inside.

In the snifter, the rum is a deep mahogany that flashes with copper and gold in the light. A swirl portends a high viscosity, as several droplets nearly refuse to return to the bulk.

On nosing, astringency is almost non-existent; the initial aromas are of oak and ripe fruit: candied orange, melon, and banana. The fruit is backed by creme caramel and the suggestion of baking spices. The rum enters smoothly, quietly confident in its complexity. The mouthfeel is very round with a medium heavy thickness. There is a significant sweetness, but it’s balanced very well with the spicy oak notes. The flavors here remain true to the aromas, with the candied fruit and creamy spices aligned harmoniously. Subsequent sips prove even more enjoyable as the assertive notes from the high ester rums in the blend push through in the slightly sweet finish.

In short, the Mount Gay 1703 is a fantastic rum that delivers on the promise of an ultra-premium sipper. It should definitely find a home in every serious rum collection.

On to the scores:

  •  Appearance 1/1
  • Aroma 2/2
  • Mouth feel 1/1
  • Taste 3.5/4
  • Aftertaste 2/2
  •  Total 9.5/10

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Have you tried Mount Gay Extra 1703? Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. June 13, 2013 5:00 am

    Of the 200 spirits we’ve reviewed, 1703 and Pappy Van Winkles, topped the list. Couldn’t agree more. At $99 it’s a steal.


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