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Rum Review: Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend

Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend Review



In 1981, Joy Spence began working for Appleton Estate as a chemist but soon found blending rums allowed her to marry her passion for both art and science. Her hard work paid off in 1997, when Joy took the helm of Appleton Estate and became the spirit industry’s first female master blender. Twenty years later, Joy is still making some of the best rum on the planet, and to celebrate her two decades of rum mastery she’s created a special blend to mark the occasion. The result is Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend.

Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend is made up of  rare 35-year-old and 25-year-old pot still rums bottled at 45% ABV. The rum comes packaged in a massive gift box and retails in the US for about $250. The packaging is first rate, but let’s get right to the important part: how’s the rum?

In the glass, the rum displays a rich mahogany color with copper bronze highlights. A swirl produces an evenly distributed set of legs that fall willingly, before a second set of droplets form that take a more leisurely descent.

An incredibly decadent nose leads with butterscotch, caramel, and fresh roasted coffee before weaving in Appleton’s signature orange peel note, vanilla cream and a touch of ginger.

The rums enters gracefully but with authority, and immediately sets the upper and mid-palates alight. The oak coats the sides of the tongue, while the spice is felt on the upper palate. The oak is pronounced but well-integrated into the aforementioned butterscotch, caramel, cocoa, coffee, and cream. The spice notes are here now with ginger, cardamom, and a touch of cinnamon and white pepper. Also present is the orange peel which now shows a hint of bitterness suggesting Seville oranges.

Subsequent sips allow further mental deconstruction of the flavors in the exceedingly long finish, including saddle leather and a touch of rich tobacco. Oak and leather are the last notes to fall away between sips, but this complex beauty is one you will return to even after your glass is empty, as the aromas persist and get sweeter as they dry out on the glass.

Spendy? Yes, but a treasure nonetheless, just like its creator. Get one while you can.

Score: 9.75/10

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Here are some more photos for those who love packaging:








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