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Rum Review: Old New Orleans 10-Year

Rum Review: Old New Orleans 10-Year

Old New Orleans 10-Year Rum

If you read the blog regularly, you may recall that back in May of this year, I had the good fortune to visit the Old New Orleans Rum distillery (story here). While there, I purchased a bottle of their ten year-old expression, and today we put it up for review.

The Old New Orleans 10-Year is a true ten year old, which is particularly special given the fact that like the distillery itself, this rum survived Hurricane Katrina. Our bottle was filled in January of 2003, and numbers 184 of 726. The bottle itself is like the others in the line, but is different in that its natural cork stopper is coated by hand in a thick blue wax. I had a little trouble figuring out where and how much wax to cut off, but no matter. The vertically oriented label is also blue and similar to others in the line.

In the glass, the rum is a bright golden copper. Viscosity is average based on the legs formed after a swirl in the snifter. Moving in for a nosing, astringency is non-existent, and the aroma as a whole is quite unique. As I go back in, I struggle to decipher what I’m smelling—my initial thought is canned cling peaches, but it’s more like candied banana, Fuji  and Granny Smith apples. All in all, it’s incredibly fruity. Let’s have a taste…

The entry is just slightly hot with pepper and allspice, but the heat quickly fades and gives way to the apple and banana fruitiness. The mouthfeel is very thin and the finish quite short. Subsequent sips provide more of the same, although I am able to pick up some hard candy flavors on the third time through: toffee, butterscotch and cherry.

This is one of those rums I wanted to like more, but at the end of the day, it was just too thin and too fruity for me. And at this price point ($70 at the distillery, ~$85 at retail) there are some truly incredible rums from which to choose.

On to the scores:

  • Appearance: 1/1
  • Nose: 1.5/2
  • Mouth feel: .5/1
  • Taste: 2.5/4
  • Aftertaste: 1.5/2
  • Total Score: 7/10

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  1. November 7, 2013 8:34 am

    I feel the same way about his rum although I appreciate its musty, spicy, cola undertones – it’s one-of-a-kind. However, as it’s typically hard to find and on the spendier end of the rum spectrum, I’m glad it’s not my favorite. It has survived several years on my shelf and it’s just such a pretty addition I’d hate to drain the bottle.

    • Josh Miller permalink*
      November 7, 2013 8:44 am

      Fair enough, Paul. Oh, and I know what I’m serving you the next time you stop by! Cheers

  2. November 7, 2013 6:38 pm

    An interesting review. Fruity and thin are adjectives that rarely appear for unadulterated and true 10 year rums.. Indeed “frutiy” and “floral” are the marks of new make and relatively young rums. “Candied” too is unexpected. Your observation vis a vis an unearned price point are also believable in this regard. Thanks for saving us the money.


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