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Rum Review: Bohemio 15-Year

Alma de Bohemio Gran Reserva 15-year Rum

Hailing from Panama, Alma de Bohemio (Bohemian Soul) Rum is a brand that is not particularly well-known here on the West Coast, but I’ve heard rumblings about it on the Web including a 92 point rating from the BTI. I was recently provided with a bottle of the 15-year Gran Reserva to review by Florida-based distributor Bodegas Bohemio, so let’s jump in and see what we have here!

The rum arrives in an elegant black box that carries descriptions of the rum as well as the land from which it hails. Among other facts, it describes Panama’s terroir and the environmental conditions that make it a prime location for sugar cultivation and of course, rum production. Out of the box, we can see that the bottle boasts an attractive clear plastic label and a raised glass impression of the company crest. When I remove the foil, I’m greeted with a plastic top and an integrated pour restrictor as we’ve seen in a few other rums such as the Diplomatico. I myself prefer a cork stopper, but in terms of preserving quality over time, I can appreciate the plastic closures as well. Let’s pour.

In the glass, the Bohemio 15 is a rich copper, and a swirl in the snifter produces a ring that yields numerous droplets that reluctantly ease their way back to the bottom of the glass. A whiff of the rum provides very little astringency, which is welcome, of course. The aromas I initially detect include oak, mandarin orange, vanilla, caramel, pineapple and pear. On a second pass, I can detect hints of spices. The smells are completely delightful—time for a taste.

The rum charges the gates with an immediate dose of heat that briefly dominates my rear palate, while the front and mid palate are treated to a walk through a tropical bakery. There is a mild to moderate sweetness that is consistent with other Panamanian rums I’ve enjoyed. The vanilla and caramel are here again now, along with a host of tropical fruits including banana and pineapple. Another sip brings with it the bakery’s spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper principal among them.

Combined with the spicy heat that is now dissipating, the viscosity I noted in the glass gives the rum a rich and satisfying mouth feel. The finish is long and somewhat drier than I expected, leaving me reaching for another sip.

In summary, the Bohemio Gran Reserva 15-Year is another great Panamanian rum that will satisfy the most discerning rum lovers among you. And while this spirit is clearly meant to be enjoyed neat or with an ice cube, I can definitely see synergy developing between this rum and simple complementary ingredients—I’m thinking coconut water, coconut water ice cubes, or perhaps some sweet vermouth and orange bitters (a Palmetto).

On to the scores:
Appearance: 1/1
Nose: 2/2
Mouth feel: 1/1
Taste: 3/4
Aftertaste: 2/2
Total Score: 9/10

Buy Bohemio 15 online

Have you had the chance to try the Bohemio 15? Please share your thoughts below.


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