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New Rum Review: Zaya Gran Reserva

November 20, 2011

Hey folks, wow–two rum reviews in one day. Not to mention I was at Smuggler’s Cove last night doing a field tasting–I’m really working overtime for you this weekend!

As you can see above, this post is entitled New Rum Review: Zaya Gran Reserva, but it could also be titled “In Which We Enter the Bizarro World”. Intrigued? Great. Read the review here.



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  1. December 3, 2011 12:16 am

    I did a side-by-side last night with the Zaya and the Zacapa Centenario and I completely agree with you on the differences between the two. That vanilla smack in the Zaya is almost too much.

    I had some Flor de Cana 12 Year tonight and felt it was quite lackluster compared to the Zacapa; it felt almost watery and flavorless in comparison. I think I’ll try a side-by-side with the Zaya and the Flor the next time I’m sober to see who the runner up is.


    • Josh Miller permalink*
      December 4, 2011 7:46 pm

      Zaya vs. Zacapa is just unfair! The Flor de Canas are funny with the aging. I think the general consensus is that the younger Flors are better than their older brethren for whatever reason. That said, if you only had one sipping rum on the shelf, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with the Zacapa 23. I need to do some side-by-sides here on the blog — it’s definitely on the to-do list! Cheers

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