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Head-to-Head Rum Review: Havana Club vs. Havana Club

September 14, 2016

Will the real Havana Club please stand up? One at a time, please. Oh great, now they’re fighting…

Whether you’re a legal scholar or a rum aficionado (or both) you’ve likely been following the protracted court battle between Pernod Ricard and Bacardi over the rights to the “Havana Club” trademark in the United States. In every other country but this one, “Havana Club” is a Cuban rum jointly owned and marketed by Cubaexport (the Cuban government) and Paris-based multinational drinks conglomerate Pernod Ricard. But here in the States it’s another story, where Bacardi sells Puerto Rican rum under the “Havana Club” name.

Bacardi has long sold a white “Havana Club” rum in Florida, but the company recently released an aged expression and re-launched the white in a nationwide roll-out. Naturally, this seemed like a good time to pit the two “Havana Clubs” against one another. I may not be a lawyer, but I know my rum, so let’s take a look at four rums named “Havana Club” and see who comes out on top!



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