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What’s the Best Rhum Agricole for a Ti Punch?

September 27, 2016

When it comes to cocktail talk, I’m fond of flippantly saying “everything’s a Daiquiri”. It’s not true of course, but the holy trinity of rum, lime and sugar is the definitive blueprint for many of our favorite libations both classic and modern. One of those classics is the ‘Ti Punch, which is the French West Indies’ delicious predecessor to the Daiquiri.

With just rhum, fresh lime, and cane syrup, the spirit makes a huge impact on the flavor of a Ti Punch, so I decided it was high time to create another in the Inu A Kena Challenge Series. The Agricole Challenge would determine which rhum agricole blanc tastes best in a Ti Punch!

Click here to read the entire story and get detailed tasting notes on all twelve rhums agricoles blanc available in the United States as of this writing!



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