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New Rum review: Mount Gay 1703 Master Select

March 17, 2017

Aloha folks!

Today I am excited to share with you a review of a rum that is the successor to one of my “ah ha!” rums–one that made me develop a new appreciation for the category, and realize that there was more to rum than being round and supple. When I met with Mount Gay Master Blender Allen Smith on his most recent visit to California, I asked him if my beloved 1703 would be changed radically, and he assured me it was staying true to its original form.

“Would the blend include younger rums”, I asked? “No, if anything the blend skews older” Smith replied. Continued Smith, “It may be a bit more smooth”, to which I replied “You know ‘smooth’ can be a dirty word to many rum nerds, Allen” before we both shared a hearty laugh.

The thing about the first 1703 blend that made it so great was the fact that it managed to be round yet assertive–a tricky balance to strike. Would Allen be able to do it again?

Read the review here and find out!




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