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New Article: A Visit to River Antoine

August 29, 2019

Hey folks!

After visiting the amazing Renegade Rum project in Grenada this spring, we took a couple extra days to do a little sightseeing and spend some time at Grand Anse beach. Among the sights we saw was a chocolate estate, a mountain lake, beautiful waterfalls, and monkey-lined trees. Perhaps the biggest highlight among these sights, however, was seeing the River Antoine distillery in Tivoli, home of the famous “Rivers” rum.

Rivers has cult status among serious rum lovers because it’s super rustic, incredibly tasty, and basically not exported. (Needless to say, I drank my fair share while we were on Grenada, and brought a few bottles home for friends.)

Although I’ve been to several Caribbean rum distilleries, nothing could have fully prepared me for the sheer unchanged nature of River Antoine. It’s an amazing sight that everyone should visit at least once.

Check out my recap of the visit here, and scroll through the photo galleries to get a sense of what it’s like. I guarantee you you’ll want to visit by the time you’re done!


Loading bagasse into a hand cart at River Antoine distillery
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