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New Article: Visiting the House of Angostura

February 15, 2016

Hey folks!

Today we finish the recaps of our recent distillery visits with a look inside the House of Angostura. The home of the world’s most famous bitters produces a LOT of rum, too, so join me on a tour and learn a bit about a delicious rum that is sometimes overlooked. Article here


A Tank of Angostura Bitters

New Article: Plugging Into the Rum World

February 9, 2016

Hey folks!

After writing the Rum 101 article, I got to thinking: “What else would I want to have known when I was just starting out as a rum nerd?” The result is my latest article: Plugging Into the Rum World. This article covers the “everything else” category, including books to read, groups to join, other Web sites to read, where to buy rum, and where to attend rum festivals. It’s a real soup-to-nuts of all things rum beyond this blog. There’s a big rummy world out there, so once you’ve exhausted the resources here, get out there and be a part of it!


Plugging Into the Rum World

New Article: Rum 101

February 4, 2016

Hey folks!

I started writing this article years ago, but it always seemed to stay on the back burner. There are a lot of primers on rum out there, but some are too short, others are too long. This one hits on most of the points I wish I knew when I got into rum, so perhaps some of you will find it useful (especially those among you just starting out).

At just under 7,000 words, you couldn’t call it short, but I’ve provided on-page links for the various sections to allow you to skip around as needed. Check it out and add your own thoughts in the comments section. I’m sure I missed stuff despite having some editing help from my fellow rum nerds. Read the article here or click the image below.


Rum 101

Visiting the Enmore Sugar Factory

January 21, 2016


Today we take a bit of a detour from our distillery recaps and move upstream to see where molasses comes from. After visiting DDL’s Diamond Distillery, we had the unique opportunity to visit the Enmore Sugar Factory and ride through the nearby cane fields which supply it. The scale of the plant appears massive to the layperson, so imagine our surprise when we learned Enmore was actually one of the smaller sugar factories in Guyana. Read the story here, and see what it takes to produce the molasses that makes some of our favorite rums around the world.

Cane conveyers at GuySuCo's Enmore Sugar Factory

Cane conveyers at GuySuCo’s Enmore Sugar Factory

Visiting Demerara Distillers Limited

January 12, 2016

Hey folks!

Today we continue our recap of the ACR rum distillery visits with the Guyanese portion of the trip. We got up close and personal with the amazing antique stills at the Diamond Distillery and saw how innovative new technology was being employed side-by-side with technology from the 1700s. Read the article here and check out the photographs–you’ll feel like you went, too!


DDL PM Double Wooden Pot Still

New Rum Review: Cartavio

January 5, 2016

Howdy folks!

Today we’re taking a break from our distillery tour recaps to bring you a review of a really exciting line of rums from Peru called Ron Cartavio. Recently reintroduced to the U.S. market, Cartavio really has something for everyone, and I for one was very pleasantly surprised by it. Read the review here and see what all the excitement is about!


Ron Cartavio Lineup

Visiting the West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD)

December 30, 2015

Hey folks,

After a short holiday break, I’m back with the last of my Barbados distillery visits, recapping our time at the West Indies Rum Distillery. WIRD doesn’t offer public tours these days (a third-party firm used to operate tours there) but they kindly opened the gates for our group. This visit was a bit different as WIRD is primarily a bulk rum producer, and also because of its beachfront location. Read the article here and have a look around with me.


West Indies Rum Distillery

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